Your Friend Freya

What Is With Age Gap Relationships in Stories

October 11, 2020

In our 9th episode, we discover the term of endearment: Ravishing Radical, which is an objectively good thing to discover.
We then delve into why I'm so annoyed by stories that have age gap relationships with teens... HEAVY EPISODE IS HEAVY YA'LL... Honestly I was so angry about this subject... I have even more to say about it. This is absolutely the hill I will die on. I don't think this podcast covers content that young teens should be listening to, but on the odd chance a teen is reading this: Don't date old people. If they aren't dating someone their own age, they are a massive loser. You're cooler than them. Yes, even if you have no friends- by the time you grow up, you'll have found your people, and those predators will still be off alone somewhere. Don't let them do that to you. Don't let them pull you into the abuse cycle.

Okay... Have a good day, and take care of each other out there. 

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